Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craft Room Redo - Pegboard Progress!

Finally made the decision on my pegboard for the craft room. I decided to go with a huge board - 8'x4' mainly because I didn't think a measly 4'x4' would be enough for all my crap crafty tools. Also I rethought the location of the board. I decided to place in on the opposite wall and not put it over the cut-off valve since it wouldn't be easy to remove if need be. So hubby is going to build me a cover for the cut off valve.

I am very lucky to have a handy hubby as I couldn't have done it on my own most likely. Hubby got it all done in one day, not sure how long time wise since we had things to do throughout the day, but super easy and quick!

Step 1 - Find Studs! (nail in far wall to mark stud)

Step 2 - Hang 1"x2" strips as a spacer to put pegboard out from wall. We painted/primed them white.

Step 3 - Hang 1"x2" strips in center to provide stability to the pegboard.

Step 4 - We bought a white pegboard, but decided to go ahead and prime it so the paint would adhere and cover better. (That's right ladies, he's taken!)

Step 5 - Paint! We did two coats and it looks to be enough. I decided to paint the board because white is not my color and I wanted another color to break up all the PINK!

Step 6 - Plan the pegboard layout

Since we had to move around the craft room to install this big boy I didn't get to finish my ASCP Table I've been working on. But here is a horrible picture of it to get you through till I can finish (wax still to be done). I decided not to do any blue accents on this table - I just painted two containers blue that will be on the table! Before and Afters soon!

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