Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dress Makin' and Halloween

When I started planning Adeline's 1 year birthday party I decided I wanted to make Adeline her Birthday Dress. I found lots of ones I loved on Etsy (like here and here) but I knew that if I applied myself I could make a dress. I bought this pattern from PatternsByAmy on Etsy. This was my first sewing project using an actual pattern, well now that I think of it I did use a pattern on the shoes from previous post.

I am pretty proud of myself with how it turned out and how easy it was. I've never done buttons so just for the test dress I use snaps. My Mother-In-Law just got a new sewing machine - so we are hoping to do the button holes with it for the actual birthday dress. So let me know what you think!

So hard to get Adeline to stand on her own lately! Here she is with my MIL today modeling her new dress. We just tried it on over her clothes since she'll have to layer it.

Today was also Adeline's First Halloween! We didn't really do anything special, she just helped me pass out 60 treat bags I had made up earlier in the month. We ran out of bags within 45 minutes! I just hate to spend so much money on candy and junk to hand out. I guess next year though I need to buy a bit more. say it's Halloween?


It's that time again for Baby Dash to host it's huge Eat Baby Eat  Giveaway Extravaganza! We will not just have one winner! We will have 7 Lucky winners!!  We have some great sponors below so check out what we'll be giving away!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What a day...

Adeline skipped her morning nap and went down only for an hour early in the afternoon. Tonight is going to be interesting.

See the aftermath of playing? She loves her pup, Marie.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Festivities!

Saturday was a busy day for Halloween Festivities for Adeline. Alan and I took her to Mill Mountain Zoo to the Zoo Boo. I have a year membership - so Adeline and I were free. Wasn't really any different for her, we just walked around and looked at the animals. Some animals were out and about that aren't normally when it is hot outside, so that was nice. They had a lot of activities for older kids. They had Trick or Treat stations set up in various places throughout the zoo from various business/churches, arts and crafts, magician, etc.

One of the Trick or Treat booths was handing out Hot Wheels cars! We picked a Reese's Cup car since we love them!

Next we went to First Roanoke Baptist Church to their Fall Festival. They had a lot of bounce houses for bigger kids. Adeline mainly just watched all the big kids. The also had a petting zoo, rollerskating, face painting, laser tag, etc. It was a huge event with a big turn out.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

POPSUGAR - October Box Review

Over the past few months I've become a blog stalker. I have a ton of blogs I follow and read! Some of those blogs post reviews about lots of different types of Monthly Subscription Boxes so this month I decided to give a couple a try. For next month I also signed up for Bluum.

Earlier this month I posted a review about Citrus Lane, which is a box for kids.

My review today is about POPSUGAR Must Have Monthly Subscription Box I received for October.

The September box was just plain awesome and seeing it persuaded me to sign up as a treat for ME! I'm not entirely disappointed in the October box, it just isn't as great as the last month that I missed out on!

The boxes come very cutely packaged - in PINK (of course)!

YUM! Gummy bears as soon as I open the box.

Gummy Bears from Dylan's Candy Bar - YUMMY - I ate about all of them myself!

I've had Pirates Booty before, and it is delish!

Crescent Moon Socks - wore these all day today and they are very comfy. I don't do Yoga, I'm SAHM who rarely wears shoes! So these are great on my wood and tile floors.

Red Flower Petal Topped Candle - I haven't had a chance to burn this candle yet (maybe soon with impending Frankenstorm!), but it already smells up the room it's in. I got the Spanish Gardenia scent.

I love doing my nails, just never ever have the time. I used these really quick one afternoon and they turned out great. I did two coats of the pink then one coat of the glitter and it looks great!

I've been using this brand lately and I'm not impressed (scalp is still the same and itchy), however these are a great size to take when going out of town so I'll definitely be using them at some point.

I don't read paper books anymore, typically just ebooks (when I have the time). I haven't kept up with new releases either - so I know nothing about this book. Reading the Book Description does not excite me at all but I will read it! I'll update everyone with my book review once I do.

Here is everything! The box totaled over $100 retail, so $35/month is a steal!
To sign up for POPSUGAR - reserve your December box now (November sold out!)
To sign up for Citrus Lane - for you little one.
To sign up for Bluum - Get samples of kids products and review for points to get free boxes.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in the post. You click and sign up, I get something!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kivelli Baby Review

I won a giveaway from The Baby's Den (on facebook) for a $100 credit to Kivelli Baby (on facebook). It was so hard choosing what to get with the credit! I really wanted a bracelet for Adeline, but I also wanted a robe and the blanket was to die for! I am loving Damask right now! I just got the Robe and Blanket for now, and maybe a bracelet for Christmas! Kivelli Baby has a lot of very cute baby things, I highly recommend checking them out.

As soon as I got the Robe and Blanket I immediately washed them so I could take some pics of Adeline and use them!

The blanket is 30"x36" which is a great size for naps. I love the minky and the colors are gorgeous. My only suggestion to Kivelli Baby is to state on the website that the back of the blanket is not the same as the front. The one we received had a White back on it, I would have liked at least black if you can't have the same pattern on the back. But it is still Minky and super soft.

Adeline has to be playing with something!
The robe is super cute as well. The Robe is soft Terry Cloth with Minky on the borders. The size is 12-24 months. Adeline is currently in 12 months clothes, however the robe is still huge on her! I love it though and can't wait until she's a bit bigger to wear it properly.

Super cute packaging!

After her bath - sleeves so long, needed to be double rolled. But she loved it.

Stylin' and Profilin'
There was an issue with the shipping of my items, however as soon as it was brought to their attention they acted on it fast and got my items out to me as soon as possible.

Disclosure: I won a credit to Kivelli Baby, however all opinions are my own.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Adeline is 11 months old!

We now have a full-fledged crawler on our hands! She started really crawling while we were on vacation at the beach. She goes everywhere now and nothing is safe! I have to put up a barrier now to keep her out of my craft room!

It is so amazing how much they change from one month to the next! She just pushed her 6th tooth through, and believe me...we could tell she was teething. If I don't put her amber necklace on her, it is very obvious. It helps so much! And of course I just remembered I didn't put it on her today! Yikes for tonight. But since that 6th tooth came through she's been a very happy baby and she took 2 2 hr naps today!

Adeline loves her bus! I bought these overalls when I found out I was prego since Alan said he had a pair when he was a kid. This is her first time wearing them.

What a face!

She is so long! Wearing a pair of legwarmers I made!

Adeline has gotten so many toys that the bins weren't doing a good job holding it all and she just dumped the boxes out anyway. So proud of myself - I asked Alan to drill holes and to attach the shelves to the sides so that she couldn't pull them off. Well....he's been pretty busy at work and going hunting so I did it myself! I want to paint the bookshelf, but didn't have time today. So I just went ahead and put it out. I knew I needed to anchor it to the wall, but hated to put holes in the wall so I tied it to the couch! Probably not as effective as anchored to the wall, but I pulled on it and it was pretty stable. I'll use the top as my side table. Like my Kettle Corn?