Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday/Monday

On Sunday we decided to take Adeline to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN and to explore Downtown Gatlinburg. It took her a little bit but she warmed up and loved it. We watched both dive shows and she was entranced watching the divers. We tried to take a picture with the diver but didn't have flash on. Oh well! We went through the aquarium twice

After the Aquarium we walked around downtown for a little while and of course it didn't start raining until after we left the Aquarium. So we huddled under an overhang with everyone else while Adeline played with her tablet.

While Alan and I were taking Selfies!

Adeline was so full of energy! We decided to take her for a walk outside to run off some of her energy. She and Alan had a lot of fun running around.

Monday morning we headed out to breakfast before Adeline and I got on the road back to Roanoke. We ended up just down the road from Bass Pro Shops at Flapjacks.

Adeline LOVES "ca-cakes"!

We had a great time visiting Tennessee, but hated leaving Alan behind.

Memorial Day Weekend - Friday/Saturday

By the time Memorial Day rolled around Alan had been out of town for a couple weeks so we planned a weekend joining him in Tennessee over Memorial Day Weekend and our Anniversary was on May 23rd. Alan had been training at the Kodak, TN Bass Pro Shops location while waiting to start working at the new location in Bristol, TN. 

Saturday we decided to take Adeline to her first visit to Dollywood! Alan was so excited (haha). 

Adeline wasn't so thrilled with any of the rides except one. She loved the Rockin' Roadway and rode it twice and would have kept riding if the line wasn't so long!

She rode a couple toddler size rides with me.

We walked around and found Granny's Garden, Adeline didn't want to leave!

Adeline had a lot of fun at the park and got to eat some ice cream!

In the end I got a year pass so Adeline and I can go whenever we want. Hoping to go again real soon!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Adeline is a Princess!

While working on a customer order I decided to make Adeline a shirt. I bought the glitter HTV 9 months ago to make her a Minnie/Mickey Shirt. I changed my mind and made her this shirt:

Better view of the glitter:

She loves it!

Here is the customer shirt I made as well:

Now that I'm staying at home with Adeline again for a while I look forward to getting this blog back up and running! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Adeline!

Last Sunday we celebrated Adeline's 2nd birthday. Her actual birthday was the 19th, but we decided to celebrate with friends and family on Sunday. Adeline doesn't really have a favorite character yet so I decided to do a Minnie Mouse party for her. Now she talks about Minnie all the time!

I made use of my Silhouette Cameo to make some decorations, I only wish I'd had more time to do more. The possibilities are endless.

Adeline watched for all her friends to arrive!

Lots of friends and family came to visit!

Lots of yummy food that was a big hit!

Adeline was so happy at her birthday party, total 180 from last year! Last year she didn't get to nap before her party so was a bit cranky. This year she was still sleeping as her guests started to arrive!

Say Cheese!

Time to blow out the candle! She couldn't quite figure it out, so Alan helped.

For her Birthday we decided we wanted to get her a kitchen. And no we do not just go to the store and buy a kitchen...we build it! So Alan and his dad used these plans and built Adeline her very own kitchen! Then I painted it and used my Silhouette cameo to make all the little details on the stove. I also used Chalkboard paint on the fridge so she can write on it. I may still make a couple little things to put on the side of the fridge (menu, clock, etc.).

Here is Adeline seeing it for the first time!

Lots of Adeline's friends came to play!

Once everyone left we opened up a few presents and played with them. Adeline loves her baby doll, Sophia (Sopa in Adeline speak). 

Thank you to all the Family & Friends that came and celebrated Adeline's Birth with us. She is truly an amazing little girl that I am thankful for every single day.

Dress & Bow from Etsy - Mollie Pops
Paper Decorations from Etsy - Lets Party Shoppe
Kitchen Plans - Ana White

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Pumpkin Time!

We waited until the last possible moment to carve our pumpkins! We've had our pumpkins for a few weeks from Joe's Trees and haven't gotten around to carving them. Life is pretty busy right now between Alan's work, my work, and spending all our extra time with Miss Adeline.

Alan and I carved a pumpkin while Adeline finger painted hers. We all had fun!

We attempted an outside family shot, well at least I got the most important person in the shot!