Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas #3

This year is our second Christmas with Adeline and it gets better and better! Here is Adeline and I last year on Christmas. She was such a tiny little thing!

This year was a totally different experience for us. Even by the third Christmas celebration this year Adeline still wasn't getting into opening gifts.

Had to give Marie some attention!


Adeline's Ornament from last year

Adeline's Ornament from this year

We also made handprint ornaments!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas #2

Since Adeline is still to young to really get excited about Christmas Morning or Santa we decided to head to Newport to be with my family for Christmas Day. We got there pretty early and had a bit of breakfast before digging into the presents. Adeline wasn't interested in opening presents really, just played with the toys that were already open.

Adeline loves her crazy Uncle Scott!
Gift Opening

Adeline got her first pink camo outfit!

Adeline got a Trike for her big Christmas gift - I can't wait to take her out in it. I really researched the various trikes out there that grow with babies. This one was the best that I could find in the price range we were looking for.

She loves it already

Alan enjoying his books he got for Christmas!


Adeline got a couple Matilda Jane dresses for Christmas. If you've never heard of Matilda Jane, you are missing out! They are soo cute! Adeline got the Nora (seen below) and the Firefly Knot Dress.

After all the Christmas presents, what toy does she want to play with?? Toys from when Scott and I were kids! She loves the barn and Little People. It's amazing how different Little People are now from then.

Here is the whole gang from Christmas!

Our Little Family

Christmas #1

This year we did Christmas a little bit different. Since we have Adeline now I didn't want to be rushed around on Christmas Day to two different Christmas' and dinners. So this year we spent Christmas Eve with Alan's parents and Grandmother, Lucile. We had a great time and enjoyed being able to relax and not be rushed to get somewhere!

Adeline got a table/chairs/storage bins from her Grandpa for Christmas. It's great having such a talented grandpa! I showed Grandpa THIS table I wanted for Adeline and he did great duplicating minus the paper roll at the end. It's great because this table can grow with her. The chairs aren't really made to match, and she'll get nicer chairs once she is older that will match!

Adeline's first attempt at coloring with Crayons with grandpa!

Then she had fun playing with all her new toys and rolling around on the floor.

Nana got this doll and said it looked like Adeline!

Nana made her an owl blanket

Happy daddy watching Adeline play

Brush our teeth....


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bluum Box - December 2012

This was our second month of receiving the Bluum box, and its a great little box. But it will be our last. This box is geared more towards babies and they have come up with a Toddler box (13 months +) that is debuting in January that comes with an increase in price as well and I just can't swing it right now.

Here is what was in this months box:

Everything in this box will be used by us! I've already used the Skin Therapy Oil and I love the smell of Cocoa Butter! The baby toy will be kept in my gift stash for a future baby shower for someone else since Adeline is too old for it.

Great box this month!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Months Old! (About a month late...)

These past 12 months as a mother have been wonderful. Adeline is a great & easy baby. We are very blessed. Yes - I'm the one who put her onesie on OVER her pants, when attitude is right for pictures you do it asap - even if you put clothes on wrong.

Adeline through the past year:

11/19/2011 - 19" Long, 6 lbs 2.5 oz.
12/22/2011 - 20.2" Long, 7.56 lbs.
1/23/2012 - 21.25" Long, 9.44 lbs.
3/20/2012 - 23" Long, 12 lbs.
5/25/2012 - 24.5" Long, 14.75 lbs.
8/22/2012 - 27.25" Long, 16.5 lbs.
12/6/2012 - 28.5" Long, 18 lbs.

Doctor remarked how Adeline fell off her "curve" for weight at her 12 month check up. Oh bologna. She jumped up from 10th to 25th in Height and she is a lot more active now than she was at her last visit. I really am not worried and doctor wasn't either yet. She's growing just fine I think. But I think something is up with their measuring of her head - says she went from 25th percentile to 60th...Uh yeah right. Her head hasn't gotten that big! Overall her Weight for Length percentile she was in the 50th, and now is in the 20th (where she started at birth).

And now for all 12 months!!