Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weeks Family Christmas 2014

This year we celebrated our first Christmas in Bristol. We had all our family come to the new house to start new Christmas traditions. It was great having the open floor plan of the new house, so that no matter if you are cooking or relaxing on the couch we are all together! That is all I wanted for Christmas was for everyone to be together and for Adeline to have all her favorite people, and that is exactly what I got.

Adeline asked for two things for Christmas - a 4-Wheeler and a Dollhouse. Over Thanksgiving she rode her cousins' 4-Wheeler and fell in love! Then of course Bass Pro Shops got one just her size and put it on display, she squealed and ran to it every time we went to the store. We ended up ordering her one and she absolutely loves it.

Instead of buying a brand new Dollhouse I decided it was time that my doll house was handed down to her. I got it when I was older but she is so mature for a 3 yr old I knew she would love it.

We had fun with all our extended family and Adeline loved opening all the presents!

The aftermath!

Adeline got to go outside and play with her 4-Wheeler. It was a bit wet so she didn't get a lot of traction and she is so lightweight that doesn't help either.

We had a very blessed Christmas. Alan and I were gifted by his parents a brand new TV! We still hadn't ventured into getting a flat TV so we were long over due for one! Here it is all set up! We were lucky enough that when the house was remodeled they put it in outlets above the fireplace for a wall-mount TV.

I can't forget my parents either, they gifted us with a new laptop. I use it so much for my Etsy & Stampin' Up Businesses so I needed a new one and this new Dell is awesome!!!

I didn't get a ton of pictures as I was busy enjoying my family and feeling a little ill. I am still feeling eh and I hope to get some of the grandparents pictures to add!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!