Monday, January 28, 2013

Desk progression with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Today we had to stay home due to Adeline being a bit wheezy and congested so I was able to work on the desk during naps! I was lucky to get a coat of paint on during each nap. So now the desk has 3 coats of paint! I really wanted a solid color and didn't want to see much of the finish under neath. I'm still not sure if I want to distress it or not. I'm hoping I can wax the side table and desk within the next week. The color will look even better once the wax is applied. I can't wait!

Here is the progression. Somewhat hard to see in these pictures, especially in the pink craft room!

This was my sick baby today - doesn't look so sick does she?? Looks older and older by the day!

Transformation Thursday!

Desk Refunking with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Last week my MIL gave me a table to do with what I want! I really didn't want to move on to another project before I was done with the side table, but I forgot I needed to prep my wax brush and it is still drying. SO I went ahead and painted the desk! Now I'll just be waxing two pieces of furniture at the same time I guess. I've only been able to do one coat so far after Adeline went to bed last night. Check out the progress! It will definitely need another coat or two then I may try my hand at distressing!


It took me awhile to find the right knobs for this desk. I finally found them when I was out of town at a Hobby Lobby! So here is the final look!

The desk is for sale if anyone local is interested!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Craft Room - More Progress

I'm sure you are getting bored with these pictures, but I'm excited at the progress and hoping to be done in the next week. I'm also trying to finish up my table I painted with ASCP - it just needs the wax!

Here are some updated pictures of the room.

Yikes! Didn't realize the picture was so blurry.

Adeline wants in the craft room!

Another blurry one! :(

Also I recently received a set of Woolzies Dryer Balls to try out. So be on the lookout for my review and giveaway!

Furniture to be Painted!

Edited to Add - If anyone would like one of the below pieces to purchase with you selecting the color, please let me know and we can work out the details soon! I plan on starting on these in the next couple weeks.

I am getting excited once again to start painting some furniture and I think I've made up my mind on some colors! Here are the pieces and my ideas for colors.

This is a dresser I stripped and stained about 8 yrs ago and we no longer need it so I've decided to paint it yellow! I'm not sure about the knobs/pulls- when I get the paint I may look to see if I can find some crystal looking knobs/pulls. The decals will come right off, they just rub off.

The color I've chosen is called Arles. Here it is on another dresser.


Next was Alan's dresser. It doesn't need any pulls/knobs and is very flat on the front so I'm not 100% sure with this one. I've chosen Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue. Really thinking the front will need SOMETHING else, but not sure what. I really don't want to install knobs/pulls.

Example of the color:

Then my MIL gave me this little desk that has been in her family and gave me the OK to paint it! Sooo...since I just got it I haven't put too much thought in it. I just know I would LOVE if all the knobs were like the one on the long drawer, it would make it so retro! I recently won a giveaway sample of some CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint and I'm eager to try it out. Just wish it was enough to use on this desk! It's called Destin Gulf Green (swatch - or look below). So I'm thinking a really bright/vibrant color on the desk!

Thank you to Kala @ My Breezy Room and Nickol fromMockingbird Heights (website) for the CeCe Caldwell's Paint and Painting set! It will definitly get used here. It will also be neat to compare CeCe's and Annie's paints and clear waxes. Stay tuned for my comparison.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!.

I'm Loving...

Playgroups - Today I hosted a playgroup at my house for a Mommy Group I'm in on Facebook. The group formed last year and it has been great for Adeline and I. There are all types of Mommy's and babies/toddlers and it's a great group of ladies. Love meeting everyone and playing.

I'm Loving...

Organization - I've been working on my craft room and so glad to finally be making some recognizable progress. Here is the peg board I've been working on the past few days!


 I'm Loving...

Adeline - She has such a great personality and is in great mood! Here she is with Maw-Maw and it is way past bedtime and she is still so happy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silent Sunday

Craft Room Redo - Pegboard Progress!

Finally made the decision on my pegboard for the craft room. I decided to go with a huge board - 8'x4' mainly because I didn't think a measly 4'x4' would be enough for all my crap crafty tools. Also I rethought the location of the board. I decided to place in on the opposite wall and not put it over the cut-off valve since it wouldn't be easy to remove if need be. So hubby is going to build me a cover for the cut off valve.

I am very lucky to have a handy hubby as I couldn't have done it on my own most likely. Hubby got it all done in one day, not sure how long time wise since we had things to do throughout the day, but super easy and quick!

Step 1 - Find Studs! (nail in far wall to mark stud)

Step 2 - Hang 1"x2" strips as a spacer to put pegboard out from wall. We painted/primed them white.

Step 3 - Hang 1"x2" strips in center to provide stability to the pegboard.

Step 4 - We bought a white pegboard, but decided to go ahead and prime it so the paint would adhere and cover better. (That's right ladies, he's taken!)

Step 5 - Paint! We did two coats and it looks to be enough. I decided to paint the board because white is not my color and I wanted another color to break up all the PINK!

Step 6 - Plan the pegboard layout

Since we had to move around the craft room to install this big boy I didn't get to finish my ASCP Table I've been working on. But here is a horrible picture of it to get you through till I can finish (wax still to be done). I decided not to do any blue accents on this table - I just painted two containers blue that will be on the table! Before and Afters soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Park Play

Last week we had some great weather and took Miss Adeline down to Wasena and Smith Parks. We parked at Wasena down near the foot bridge and walked all the way down to Smith Park to play and swing then back!

For Christmas Adeline received a Trike from her Grandparents (Reynolds'), so I've been really trying to get her out and about in it. She loves it and talks/babbles the whole time. She loves how she sits up in it and can see everything!

Adeline loves to swing! I can't wait for Adeline to install a swing at the house this spring.

Higher Daddy!

Hi Mommy!

Adeline and Daddy

Adeline and Mommy