Thursday, February 28, 2013

Queen Bee Card Swap 2013 - Month 1

I am part of a group called the Queen Bee Croppers of NRV, we try to get together once a month and have a scrapbooking/crafting day (or weekend) somewhere local so we can get a bunch done! At the end of last year a few of the ladies decided to do a supply swap and each month we would make a card in a theme starting in February. I got my pack of supplies from Liz and I gave stuff to Vivi!

Here are the topics to choose from:

  1. Free month!
  2. General cards
  3. Birthday cards
  4. Hi cards
  5. Christmas tags
  6. Paper crafting items
  7. Thank you cards
  8. Non-Christmas tags
  9. Congratulation cards
  10. Get well cards
  11. Anniversary cards

Here is the loot I got from Liz! (Ignore my messy desk, I've got too many things going on at once!)

So for my first month I went with Free Month. Since Easter is coming up I decided to make an Easter Card! First I cut up the purple Mulberry Paper to fit the front of my cards then tore it around the edges.

I decided to adhere the paper to the card with Paper Mod Podge since the paper is so thin and see through. Next I cut the sticker ribbon to fit on the front of the cards. I wanted to stamp on the front of some shapes but I don't have stamps anymore! I never used them so got rid of all of them. Oh well. So I used my Silhouette and cut out letters for each card then use my Sticker Maker. It's hard to tell in the below picture but I also used Stickles to create some bling on shapes. Then added a flower on some of the cards. No two are alike! I wish I had used a different color on the wording in the middle cards, but it shows up better in person I think.

If you want, check out some of the other ladies' blogs and their creations:




Ginger - no specific blog post about the swap,but she has posted lots of cards she has made.

Pretty cool that most of us in the swap blog!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toddler Sensory Bin

It's all over Pinterest - Sensory Bins for toddlers. I kept meaning to make a couple for Adeline and hadn't. So Monday I had to go to Michaels to get some Candy Making supplies for my dad - he is going to make maple candy. They have a bunch of sap and have been making syrup the past couple years. This years has been so good!

Anyway, back to Sensory Bins. I got Adeline some big pom poms, feathers, Easter eggs, Easter grass, and pipe cleaners. So last night I set up a bin for Adeline to play with before bed. I put in the feathers, eggs, and pom poms.

After playing she wanted to read Marie a book!

See the ghost in the picture?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Countdown - Blog Candy (Giveaway)

If you are a crafty person you will want to check out Andora's Stamping Studio! I have known Ginger for several years now and she is quite talented. She has posted some Blog Candy - so head on over and check out her blog and enter to win.


  • Close to My Heart Sophia Paper Packet (isn't it bright and cheery?) 
  • Close to My Heart Perfect Fit-Frames Flair Stamp Set
  • Close to My Heart Colonial White Ribbon Collection (4 spoils of ribbon)
  • Close to My Heart Bonding Memories Glue 
  • and a $10.00 Close to My Heart Gift Certificate to Shop at My With Me Only!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing and Sleepy Adeline

Getting close to bedtime!
This morning Adeline loved playing with her new tea set. We had a consignment sale at a local church recently so I bought this tea set and a new puzzle along with some clothes for the summer. We  have another consignment sale coming up - LFA Kids Consignment Event which lasts a whole week.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crayon Fun with Adeline

Adeline isn't too great with crayons yet. She just taps the paper with the wrong end, hasn't really gotten the hang of "coloring".

Living Room Arranging

So Alan and I received a great cabinet from a family friend (Thanks Linda!) and it is huge! So in order to keep the cabinet we had to make room. Our family room only has 2 usable walls since we have this huge UGLY fireplace on one wall and the other wall is the walkway for the front door. So we are pretty limited. I think this rearrangement works. I really don't like the two cabinets beside the fireplace, we really need build ins. I really don't know what else would fit in that weird space! Any ideas?

Here's my handy hubby putting it all together! It breaks down to several pieces and is a very heavy piece.

Adeline watching daddy work.

Filling it up! 

Very pretty piece! I love the doors, just need to find a skeleton key to lock the doors!

Our new "adult" living room (even though the furniture is old and mismatched!). No longer looks like a ____. Well I don't know what it looked like before, but it looks so much more grown up now! We keep our TV downstairs right now, so no tv in this room.

Ignore the dumpy cushions on the couch/chair! Marie loves laying up there so I have to refluff and wash the covers soon!

This wall is a bit bare looking, hum. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nursery #2 completed!

Over the weekend we went up to my parents house to finish putting together Adeline's space at my parents. She has her own crib and space now so she can nap when we are there during the day and make over-night stays better! Adeline hates sleeping in the pack-n-play, so this will be great.


NAP?? What nap??

Playtime at Maw Maw & Paw Paws! Adeline has a zebra toy and a zebra chair!

Short video of Adeline getting in/out of her chair!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway Winner!

I posted a review of Woolzies Dryer Balls and a giveaway of a set of 6 here

Congratulations to Lauren! I have sent you an email, please email me back your mailing address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Woolzies Dryer Balls! If you didn't win, head on over and buy you some! You can also Follow Woolzies on Facebook to hear about other great giveaways!

Playtime at the Mall

We had a very trying morning (no nap!) so I had to get out of the house last Friday! This no nap thing is really stressin' mama out Miss Adeline!

Anywho...she fell asleep in the car (which I was hoping for!!) so then after she woke up we went in the mall to play. They have a great play area that is closed in on all sides. I usually go earlier in the day, so I was very disappointed to see so many older kids there. Of course the parents were not paying a bit of attention to the their children - just their phones! Adeline got knocked around a couple times - but she was just fine. I had to stand over her the whole time to make sure the big kids didn't step on her! Grrr.

I've posted before about this play area - check it out here.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zebra Wall Decor for Nursery #2

I decided that Adeline's 2nd bedroom at Maw-Maw and Paw-Paws deserved some custom wall decor! So I whipped out my Silhouette SD (I sooo need to upgrade to a Cameo) and got to work. I had already bought some canvas' (11x14) and washi tape at AC Moore a week or so ago, so I was all ready!

First I painted my canvas with some Hot Pink paint I already had on hand. I just did 1 quick coat of paint, I didn't really want total and complete coverage. It's mostly covered but you can see white/light pink in some areas.

Next I played around on the Silhouette and found a font and size I liked. I really like the font, just wish I had cut it thicker. I also need to get a better grade vinyl, I used the basic you get from Silhouette - and it would NOT stick to the canvas completely. I also purchased the zebra hearts through the online shop - I though it added a little something.

Next I played with the Washi Tape. This is my first craft project using Washi! It's pretty cool, just didn't stick to the canvas either really. Oh well, live and learn! I also put it around the edge of the canvas.

I hadn't planned on using Mod Podge, but since the vinyl and washi tape weren't really sticking good enough for me I decided it was a must for this project. I was pretty much out of the Mod Podge I had so I went and bought some more (yes I know you can make your own, I don't...). I decided to get the Matte finish for this project. I've used Glossy before and it's just too much.

Here is the finished project!

Happy Valentines Day!

This year was a low-key Valentines Day for us. I had big dreams of doing hand print hearts and such. Well today ended up being a mostly no nap day, so no fun for anyone! We went to a play date and Adeline had lots of fun playing with her friends and wasn't so interested in the V-day crafting, and the one card we "made" for Daddy got left behind. Oh well! I'm hoping that one of the grandmas will watch Adeline in the next week so Alan and I can go out, just the two of us! We haven't done that since before Adeline was born!

Here's a few pictures of Adeline and all her cuteness. Just keep in mind these were at 4pm after only napping 30 minutes the whole day and she was snacking.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lazy Recovery Monday

Yesterday I was sick sick sick! I literally laid in bed all day. I am so thankful to have an amazing hubby that I could depend on to take care of Miss Adeline. He took her up to his parents house for awhile so they could spend some time with her. So today I am a lot better, and Adeline is being extra clingy. She's been clingy since she was sick Thursday night (same thing I had yesterday...), but today was crazy. She wouldn't play in the floor at all, even when I sat and tried to engage her. She just wanted to sit on my lap or on the couch next to me. Then of course the hubby got sick this afternoon! So the sickness has made its way all through this house, and it can go away!!!