Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today my parents came to visit. Dad, Scott, and Alan all went fishing on Smith Mountain Lake while Mom, Adeline and I went to the mall.

For Christmas Adeline got a couple dresses from Matilda Jane and I couldn't wait till summer to put her in them (see THIS post for one dress)! So today I put her in one, it's too big for her right now, but I couldn't resist!

Once we got to the mall I decided to let Adeline play in the Play Area, and of course the dress got in the way, so off it had to go. She had a ton of fun, can't wait to take her back Wednesday for a play date!

Next we went down and rode one of the cars in the Food Court! One spoiled baby! Even had a random person say - "She looks like one spoiled baby" (in a good way...). And yep, there was a wardrobe change!

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