Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chalkboard Tags

I know I got this idea online somewhere but I've scoured my Pinterest boards and can't find where I pinned it. Just know that this is NOT an original idea by me!

Adeline has a bookcase that has several storage boxes in it with handles, and I can never remember what is in each drawer. So I'm making reusable tags to hang from the handles.

Supplies Needed:
  • Some sort of Tag - I used the 3.25in Diameter Wooden Circles from JoAnns and had the hubby drill holes (1/4") for the ribbon
  • Chalkboard Paint - I used the Black from Plaid, but it comes in lots of colors 
  • Brush - I used a small foam brush
  • Ribbon - 1/8" - you can use any size you wish, just make sure the holes are big enough.
  • Fray Check - to stop the fraying of the ribbon

Step One: Drill holes in the wooden circles. I recommend getting a higher quality tag as when I had the hubby drill the holes they splintered some on the backside.

Step Two: Paint! The can recommends at least 2 coats and wait 1 hour between coats. Well I did 3 coats just to make sure.

Step Three: Wait 24 hours for the paint to cure before use.

Step Four: While you are waiting (patiently of course) for the paint to cure you can be cutting your ribbon to length. I'm using 6" pieces as I don't want them to dangle too much. Also go ahead and put some Fray Check on the ends to prevent the ribbon from fraying.

Step Five: Put ribbon in tag and write with the chalk then hang for use.

Love the look in my daughters room.

May use this idea in other organization areas of the house like my craftroom!

Here is a small pot I also used the Chalkboard Paint on while I was waiting for coats dry:

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