Friday, November 27, 2015

Adeline's Big Girl Room

Before we were expecting baby #2 Adeline had a great set up for a playroom in the 3rd bedroom. She played in there quite a bit, but frequently brought toys out to the living room anyway. So when I told her we were going to move some of her toys to her bedroom and some out to the living room she was all for it! I try to tackle big changes like that when she's not here so when she comes home its an all new place to explore.

For her bedroom I had to rearrange her bed to another wall to accommodate her big bookcase. I try to put all furniture on sliders so it's easy to rearrange when I want to, which is typically when hubby isn't home! Only thing he had to move for me was the big bookcase. She has always slept with one side of her bed against a wall, so this is a big change for her, we put up a rail on one side until she gets used to it!

For the rest of the toys they went in the living room in the space we have behind our couch.  Before she just had her table there, now she has several of her larger toys there with her. I put down the rug temporarily (it will go in the Nursery), until I can find the exact one I want. She likes it a lot so may get one just like it but in a better color.

She spends a lot of time back here playing and coloring. Alan's dad built some longer legs to put on her table so now it will sit higher and we'll get a bigger chair for her so she'll be more comfortable at her table. She is growing up so fast!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Adeline's 4th Birthday Party

Today we had Adeline's 4th Birthday party! Her birthday is actually November 19th, so we had her party the following weekend. This was her first party in Bristol inviting all her new friends from preschool.

For months Adeline has been requesting a party at "Bounce Bristol", which is a place at the mall with several bounces. But we've been to a couple parties there already this year and didn't think the environment would be good for the grandparents and other adults coming - just too loud and wild! I don't mind taking Adeline there at all, but wanted something a bit more laid back. So we found a great place (Catch My Party) that provided the space and a bounce house (just the right size for Adeline and friends) for a very reasonable price. They would have decorated the space for additional $$, but I figured I could handle that since we had several weeks to plan. But their decorations for a Frozen theme party look pretty cool. Adeline was just happy to have a bounce house! I was happy to not have to plan games for 4-5 yr olds!

Adeline end up having 6 friends show up! We were only expecting 4, but it was great that 6 came and I had enough goodie bags! I was pretty happy with the decorations and food we had. Here is the set up:

I made this stats poster for her party and had it printed poster size for the party.

I decided against a big cake and just made cupcakes with sprinkles, all the kids eat is the icing anyway! Here's Adeline's candle and cupcake on of course an Elsa plate!

Had to light it twice, she was too excited and blew out before we could sing!

Adeline was certainly blessed with lots of great presents from all her favorite people! All the kids had to help Adeline open her presents! Love that Elsa cape draping out behind her! So cute.

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. Adeline is one very blessed little girl to have so many people who love her.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY Boy Nursery - Glider Pillow

Finally finished my first project for the Nursery! I have several "in the works" but this is the first one that is 100% completed!

This is my overall inspiration for Baby Boy's Nursery:

I'm going with light and dark grays and Turquoise. Then I'm going to decorate the room with various fishing decor. NOT nautical or beachy stuff, just fish and fishing. I have a few ideas saved on my Pinterest board if you want to check it out!

The arrow fabric was not cheap since I needed so much, but still cheaper than buying pre-made. But I'm nervous to start cutting it up! So I decided to start small and make an Easy Envelope Pillow Cover from this tutorial.

I haven't sewn much since I had Adeline almost 4 years ago, so I'm feeling a bit amateur sewing everything but I stuck to it!

This pillow will be an accent pillow on the Glider I'm recovering from Adeline's Nursery in Dark Gray microfiber. Can't wait to get started on it possibly next!