Monday, April 29, 2013

Custom Sibling Sport Team Support Tees

A friend of mine had me do shirts a few months ago for her youngest to wear to his brother and sisters sporting events. She has contacted me again to do more shirts for this season of sports events.

The big sister plays softball and the big brother plays baseball. Super cute shirts and I used Siser Easyweed heat transfer vinyl from - this was my first time using this brand and I really liked the test on how well it stands up!

Also if you are not my friend on facebook you may not have heard, but I have decided to go a new direction with my Etsy shop. I really want to do 90% custom work, and just have a few items in my shop that are ready to ship. SOOO I am having a store sale! 20% off everything with the code THANKFUL! If you are local use the code LOCAL for no shipping and we can meet up!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adeline's Farm Adventure - Part 2 of 2

Another part of Adeline's Farm Adventure was play time outside at her Grandparents. Adeline loves being outside, so anytime she is out she is a happy tot! She still isn't sure about walking in the grass though!

Give me your ball Marie!

Swingin' with Maw Maw

Marie loves her ball

Just chillin with Paw Paw

Adeline loves her Paw Paw and Uncle Scott

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adeline's Farm Adventure - Part 1 of 2

Over the weekend Adeline and I went to my parents house and farm to visit and see all the calves! Uncle Scott was very excited for Adeline to see one of the calves being bottle fed. The calves momma has Mastitis and thus unable to provide enough milk for the calf. In cows, once they get Mastitis it's over. Maybe if they had caught it early it would have been treatable, but the vet says she has probably had it for a couple YEARS! Ouch. Right now my dad has two cows with Mastitis, thankfully the other one is still producing enough milk for its calf. So off to the market for those two as soon as the calves are old enough.

Adeline was in awe of the cows, she barely said a word the whole time we were on the farm. She's met one of our horses before, Cash, but she was still very quiet. By the end she was finally saying "Moo" (see below video!).

Watching the Cows and their calves

Turn up the volume so you can hear Miss Adeline!

Monday, April 22, 2013

April Creations

Last week was The Great Cloth Diaper Change and I decided to make Adeline and I special shirts for the occassion! For myself I bought a plain Pink Tee and for Adeline I had some plain Onesies just waiting for some designs!

If you are interested in any custom shirts, send me an email!

I also found these really cool bins and thought they would be perfect to try out some new vinyl I got!

Interested in a customized bin? I have 1 more pink, 1 green, and two small metal bins - green and silver metal. Email me for a quote.

Hope everyone is having a great spring/summer/winter/summer/spring....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

Yes, I am a week late posting, but hey I'm crazy busy now! At least these are getting posted.

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday, Adeline and I, had lots of fun playing outside! Then Sunday we spent some time with the grandparents.

Warning: Photo BOMB!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Great Cloth Diaper Change - Roanoke/Salem Area

Sorry my blog has been fairly silent lately! I told you in a previous post but just want to remind everyone that for the next few weeks I am posting on The Great Cloth Diaper Change - Roanoke/Salem Area blog!

So go check out the sponsor posts on there and show us some love!

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Thank you for checking it out!