Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

This year was a low-key Valentines Day for us. I had big dreams of doing hand print hearts and such. Well today ended up being a mostly no nap day, so no fun for anyone! We went to a play date and Adeline had lots of fun playing with her friends and wasn't so interested in the V-day crafting, and the one card we "made" for Daddy got left behind. Oh well! I'm hoping that one of the grandmas will watch Adeline in the next week so Alan and I can go out, just the two of us! We haven't done that since before Adeline was born!

Here's a few pictures of Adeline and all her cuteness. Just keep in mind these were at 4pm after only napping 30 minutes the whole day and she was snacking.

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