Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Dinner with Friends and Family

Tonight Adeline and I went to a Friends & Family Holiday Dinner! It was so great to see some people I hadn't seen for awhile and it was great for Adeline to get to play with her cousin Lucy who is close in age (8 Months). It's always great to see familiar faces around the holidays and relive the past holidays. It's also a time that you miss the family that is no longer here with us or couldn't make it.

Last year we didn't get to celebrate the holidays (Thanksgiving through Christmas) very much due to Miss Adeline being so new & young. So this year I am extremely excited to celebrate. Tomorrow we are getting Christmas pictures done, heading to a friends birthday party, then coming home to finally decorate! I've been dying to decorate all week but Alan has been busy working for UPS - those guys work hard and Alan is exhausted when he gets home!

I didn't get any pictures of the adults at the dinner party, just the babies! The pictures didn't turn out so great due to the low lighting of the room we were in and the fact that these babies couldn't stay still! While we were there we had a few spur of the moment pictures taken by Mary (Merry Studios), so I can not wait to see them!

Scott and Adeline playing before we went

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