Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas #1

This year we did Christmas a little bit different. Since we have Adeline now I didn't want to be rushed around on Christmas Day to two different Christmas' and dinners. So this year we spent Christmas Eve with Alan's parents and Grandmother, Lucile. We had a great time and enjoyed being able to relax and not be rushed to get somewhere!

Adeline got a table/chairs/storage bins from her Grandpa for Christmas. It's great having such a talented grandpa! I showed Grandpa THIS table I wanted for Adeline and he did great duplicating minus the paper roll at the end. It's great because this table can grow with her. The chairs aren't really made to match, and she'll get nicer chairs once she is older that will match!

Adeline's first attempt at coloring with Crayons with grandpa!

Then she had fun playing with all her new toys and rolling around on the floor.

Nana got this doll and said it looked like Adeline!

Nana made her an owl blanket

Happy daddy watching Adeline play

Brush our teeth....


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