Monday, December 10, 2012

Stork Stack Review - December 2012

Adeline is very spoiled this month with 2 new boxes - Bluum and Stork Stack! Guess we can consider them part of her Christmas!

I was very happy with this months box! Lots of toys/products for Adeline that we will and are actually using.

Rockabye Baby "Good Day, Good Night" 2 CD set - $24.98 - There are a lot of recognizable songs on these CDs that you will enjoy listening to as well as you little one. We love listening to music in the car and at home.

BearHands & Buddies Fleece Mittens - $12.99 - SOO cute! I can't wait for it to get cold enough for Adeline to wear these. They fit her great and she doesn't mind wearing them at all.

EDUSHAPE Maracito - $3.25 - Adeline immediately started playing with this as soon as she saw it. She has other maracas and doesn't play with them much - this one she just takes to for some reason.

Rubbabu Educational Ball - $6.95 - So far we haven't gotten to play with this because our dog thinks it is a toy for her! She already rubbed off some of the fuzzy-ness of the ball before we realized she was playing/biting it! So keep this away from dogs!

Rockin' Green Detergent sample - $1.25 (15.95 - 40/90 loads) - We already use this for our cloth diapers. We have to use Hard Rock due to having such hard water here. I like it and haven't really used it on our clothes but a few times. May be making the switch soon though.

Overall I am very satisfied with Stork Stack. If you want to sign up for your little one click here.

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