Friday, May 27, 2016

Abel is Three Months Old

Actually typing up this blog post ON his 3 month birthday, however I didn't get picture taken today as we (me actually) had to get out of the house! Abel is going through a growth spurt and teething at the same time, so my week has mostly been spent holding him.

Abel is growing up so fast. Its so funny seeing people's expressions when I tell them he is 3 months old. His 3-6 month sleepers are getting a bit short, so tonight we put him in a 6-9 month sleeper and it definitely is not too big for him. He still fits in 3-6 month body suits/rompers though, but not much longer I'm betting.

Just a couple days ago we got our first little laugh out of him. I can't wait till he starts laughing more often, it is so sweet!

Abel has a pretty big/heavy head so he hasn't rolled over quite yet. But the other day I walked away from him while playing on his playmat and just from watching me walk away he almost turned over!

This child has too much play equipment! We have a bouncer (2 actually), a low swing, floor play mat, and a bumbo. He uses all of them at least once a day. Abel gets bored quite easily and some days he hates the swing, some days he loves it. It's an adventure trying to figure out what he wants to do other than be held all day!!

Adeline is being a great big sister. She is such a big helper around the house, especially when daddy is gone. She entertains herself very well, which is great since Abel has been such a fuss butt!'

This boy goes from serious face to all smiles so quickly, its hard to get a good picture of his smiles.

Lately in order to get ANYTHING done I've had to wear Abel. Here he is "helping" me in my craft room.

Well we are heading into a big growth spurt/leap - pray for us!

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