Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finger Paint - My First Crayola Mess-Free Fingerpaint and Paper

Adeline did her hand/foot prints several months ago when she was still in daycare and some of the older babies (12 months) got to do fingerpainting. I've been waiting to do fingerpaints with her and when I went to Target to pick some up, I found this - My First Crayola Mess-Free Fingerpaint and Paper. So I picked up some regular Crayola Washable Fingerpaint and a pad of paint paper along with the Mess-Free Fingerpaint.

I was so excited I decided to try it after dinner since she was already in her high chair and semi-dirty. I decided I wasn't impressed with the Mess-Free Fingerpaint and Paper. For several reasons:
1 - The pattern on the magic paper is too dull, it is not as bright as the package shows.
2 - Since the pattern is repeating, unless you paint an actual figure it just shows the the pattern. And since this product is 2+ maybe it is a little too old for Adeline, but I don't know many 2 year olds who can draw/paint actual figures and not a bunch of blobs.
3 - The paint is too watery, needs to be a bit thicker so it doesn't smear as bad and cause the blob effect. I even tried to paint a few little things with it and it looked horrible since the paint was too watery.

I have a couple recommendations to Crayola - the "paint" dries clear but isn't totally clear. Maybe it would be better to have more color to the paint so you can see where it goes down then it can dry clear. That would probably make it a lot easier on little ones to understand what they are doing. The pattern paper...I think it would almost be better to have a solid color background.

Overall I would only recommend this product to older children that can fingerpaint clear drawings (houses, stick figures, etc.), any other child would be disappointed I think in the blob effect showing just a repeated pattern.

Here are some pictures of Adeline and I playing with the Mess-Free Fingerpaint and Paper:

Hum, what's this?

That looks gross mommy!

Come on and paint daddy!

And smear paint everywhere...
Disclosure: I was not given anything or reimbursed for my review of the above product. All opinions are my own.

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