Monday, March 4, 2013

Personalized/Custom Shirts and Onesies

I love being creative and making things! When someone contacts me to do a custom item for them it's a challenge. Being a SAHM (WAHM), there aren't many things that get my brain in gear - so being able to figure out how to do XYZ really helps.

A friend of mine in our local Playgroup is pregnant with B/G Twins! So exciting. I found out the twins theme for their room was elephants so I decided to make them matching onesies with their names. They are B/G so no confusing the two like same gender twins - but still cute to have their names on their clothes!

Another friend in the playgroup decided she wanted to order matching shirts for her daughters for their upcoming photos. She provided a symbol that had meaning to her husband and I was able to upload it into my program and cut the symbol out. Then we surrounded the symbol with flowers to make it more girly! The shirts are light pink, with flocked green and purple heat transfer.

Frequently customers will contact me through ETSY wanting something I have posted, but in a different size or color. Recently a customer contacted me wanting THIS in a different size. Due to the seasons changing we also decided to make it a short sleeve shirt. Since I am just a small operation I'm limited on what colors/shirts I have access to. The above pink shirts were ordered online, but for this request I had to look local. I wasn't able to find a light gray shirt - only dark gray and black. We went with the dark gray which looks great with the green tractor!

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