Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thin Mint Cupcakes

I am part of a local MOPS group and we rotate each month who brings dinner/dessert. So this month was my turn, and I really dislike cooking. So I decided to bake cupcakes! I went to a baby shower last Saturday for a friend and one of the shower hosts made Thin Mint Cupcakes! YUM! So I decided to make them for the MOPS meeting. I made sure to make enough for Alan and I too!

I wanted an easy recipe for this batch - I usually make cupcake and icing from scratch...but wasn't in the mood! So I found the recipe I used on - super easy! I didn't have any girl scout cookies (eek, I haven't had any this year!) so I got some Keebler Grasshoppers, which taste pretty close to the Thin Mints.

Love my Kitchen Aid!
For the icing you can dye it green and put flavor (mint) in it. I've never done that so it was pretty neat. We just used 3 containers of White Whipped Icing for 48 cupcakes and added the green food coloring and Peppermint.

So pretty!!

Then topped with half a cookie!

They turned out pretty good! For some reason a couple of my cupcake pans didn't like the cookie in the bottom of the cupcake. The cookie adhered to the wrapper! So I'm guessing they cooked too long in those pans, but one pan did it perfectly and all were baked the same amount of time. Oh well. Now I know for next time!

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