Friday, September 14, 2012


This week has been something. Miss Adeline has 4 upper teeth coming in at the same time! Two have already poked through with two more following. For a couple days I forgot to put her amber necklace on and I could definitly tell the difference! When she has it on she is such a happier and uncranky baby! The days I forgot, oh me!

So since she is being a bit more needy than usual I haven't got much done this week. Working on some items for my ETSY shop - bibs! I'll post once they are done. They are all cut out and pinned together waiting for me to have some time to sew, have about 5 all with the same cute Giraffe print fleece.

Adeline is working on pulling herself up. For my birthday last Saturday (8th) she pulled herself up for the first time in her crib!!! I think I cried a little! Crawing will happen any day, she is so close and tries all the time. She is also trying to pull up on everything. Though, like the doctor said, she's a very content baby and usually just happy to sit and play. Here's some pictures of her from the past couple weeks. Most are cell phone pics so sorry for the crummy pics!

Trying to pull up!

Likes to visit mommy's craft room - she scoots and moves around some on her butt

Attempting to stand!

We've gone to B&N several times and she gets to play with the trains!

Love this hat! Just didn't want to pay $16 for it!!! yikes.

On my birthday when she stood up all on her own!

Marie loves Adeline!

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