Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yard Work - Bristol Style

When we bought our house in July we knew we would have to cut down a bunch of trees and brush. We have been doing a little each week so as to not upset the trash collectors too much. But I'm sure they are pretty annoyed anyway! We are so thankful to live somewhere they will pick it up!

One tree I loved it when I first saw it and knew we would keep it since it provided so much shade over the driveway and it was pretty. However once we moved in we realized something was wrong with the tree - it had a fungus and was slowly dying. So we had to go ahead and cut it down. It was so big it was cut down a little bit each time. Also we cut down a spruce tree on the back corner of the house as well that you can see in the below picture. It had grown into the bush in front of it so we cut it down as well as it was way overgrown. It revealed a nice landscape detail that I hope to fill with pretty flowers at some point.

This corner of the house was crazy overgrown with multiple plants all entwined together. I liked the tree, but it was hard to distinguish between tree and weed as the weed was as big or bigger than the tree! Also cut down a bush on the side of the house that you can see through the windows and one on the corner. Alan weed-eated the weed patch and I sprayed with weed killer for good measure.

Alan's dad, Mike, came and helped Alan the 2nd time we cut trees and brush. That was a huge help to Alan since before I was just moving the brush around.

In the back yard we had several trees and a few really big ones. The biggest will have to stay plus they are sturdy and provide a bunch of shade for the yard. But there was a big dead tree in the back that could have fallen so we had to take care of that one and then a spruce tree right beside the house and swing set. When the dead tree was cut down we discovered it was home to a billion ants, so glad to have it gone and will cut the stump later in year when the ants go away. We have a problem with Mosquito's so we are hoping that cutting back the trees from the house it will alleviate some of the problem.

We still have A LOT of yard work left to do but the big part is done! The trash guys probably hate us but hopefully we won't have as much trash anymore!

The house looks so much better now! I wish they had done it when the house was remodeled. Next up are those huge bushes - we are going to try to just cut them back first to see if they are manageable.

Would love some recommendations on what to plant in the flower beds. I definitely want to get some plants that are natural mosquito repellents for around the deck.

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