Sunday, March 13, 2016

Abel Jackson's Birth Story

**This is a birth story, all the details as I can remember it!**

Thursday February 18, 2016

Before Alan and I went to sleep on Wednesday I told Abel that Thursday would be a great day to be born as his big sister, Adeline, was away at her Grandparents and his daddy had the day off work already. Well at 1:30am on Thursday I woke to a sharp sudden pain but it passed quickly and I decided to get up to use the bathroom. Once I stood up water gushed out and continued to do so for a bit, but no contractions had started. We decided to go back to bed to get rest until they started.

About 2:15am I started feeling contractions and kept a general timing of them and after a little while of them feeling fairly consistent I couldn’t sleep and decided would be best if Alan and I get up and go ahead and finish getting the hospital stuff together to see how contractions do then. After packing I wanted to eat as I knew once I got to the hospital that was no-go. I had a bowl of Oatmeal and bacon with Orange Juice then settled on the couch to watch a movie. Contractions kept intensifying and consistent. At 4:15am I called the Doula to give her heads up and to see if she had recommendations on getting through the contractions. Torey thought it sounded like still in early labor and to rest and to call her when I thought I needed her to come.

Then at 5:30am I called the Doula back and said probably a good idea for her to come as the contractions were getting harder to deal with. Then not even 20 min later I was calling her back as I was starting to bleed and we decided I better head into the hospital and she would meet us there.

On the way to Labor & Delivery we called the grandparents to let them know and that we would update them once got checked out by the doctor. In L&D they got me into triage pretty quickly and checked. Turned out that my water hadn’t completely ruptured and was still intact but I was dilated 5-6cm already and in obvious active labor by that point. I then was placed in a room and it took a while to get situated and the wireless monitors started.

Once I was able to move about I tried laboring on the birth ball, couch, standing, etc. It was getting pretty intense and contractions very close together, about 1.5 min. apart. Alan and I then talked and I decided it was time for some relief and decided to get an epidural and Pitocin. Getting an epidural between contractions that are 1.5 minutes apart is no fun! I didn’t ask but it seemed like the first person who tried the epidural couldn’t get it and had to get the other. I did not want to know but it took forever and they had no comprehension that when I was in a contraction their instructions meant NOTHING to me. But once that epidural was in I could finally relax and actually slept.

I was checked around 3-4pm by a resident and baby was still high and waters intact. While he was checking my water broke so he checked to make sure the cord wouldn’t come out and prolapse. It didn’t so they let me continue to labor. After a little bit the doctor came in (Dr. Harmon) and said that baby heart rate was dropping after contractions so we might be looking at a C-section. But decided to see how well he did at pushing at he was down far enough now.

I’m not entirely sure how long I pushed, maybe 30 min or so? Alan was beside me, Torey helped with my left leg and my nurse for the day, Debbie, had my right. Debbie was timing my pushes and Torey helped with encouragement. Alan gave me bits of ice between pushes. Abel was handling the pushing ok so there wasn’t any more talk of a C-section.

After a few sets of pushes the doctor told me to stop as they had to get ready for the delivery. UH really? Guess they didn’t think I could do it. But once they came back after a few pushes I felt his head then the body come out. I don’t remember feeling that with Adeline, it was a very unique feeling.

Once he was out and suctioned they laid him on my chest but he wasn’t “pinking” up as fast as the pediatrician liked so he asked if he could take and look him over – I agreed as his cries were a bit off I thought. But once they had him he started crying more and pinked up perfectly and his 2nd Apgar score was a 9! His first was a 7.

Thirty minutes after being born and enjoying holding him I attempted to breastfeed. He latched on wonderfully and fed for quite a while from both sides. Then we got all situated and invited in the family to see and hold Abel.

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