Saturday, March 19, 2016

Abel is One Month Old

This week we celebrated Abel being a month old! Time is already flying by and I can't believe it's already been a month. He has changed so much in that month.

Abel still does not like getting his diaper changed and cries through most. But when he doesn't he looks all around and is very observant. He loves looking at the ceiling fans in the house (what baby doesn't??) and at the big windows in our living room.

Abel is so different than Adeline at this age. Adeline was an easy baby, Abel is also an easy baby - just not as easy as Adeline! Or it could just be that now we have two, who knows? Abel typically sleeps ok his first stretch at night 3-4 hours then the rest of the night he's up about every 2 hours. I've really stopped keeping track. I am still dealing with pelvic and hip pain that I had during pregnancy so I cannot get up/down all night long with him, so after Abel wakes the first time from his crib in the nursery Alan brings him to our room and after Abel is done nursing he sleeps in a crib next to the bed. This is not what I wanted at all, but hopefully soon we can get him to sleep 100% in his room!

Abel only wore Newborn clothes for about a week, mostly because he lost a pound after birth (which is normal at the weight he was born at). But as soon as my milk came in he started gaining at a great pace! At 3 weeks old he weight 10 lbs 5 oz and was 21.5 inches tall. Most of his 0-3 clothes don't fit as they are hand-me-downs that are shrunk - so he can wear new 0-3 and used 3-6. He doesn't look like a big baby to me, but no one believes me that he's only 4 weeks!

So far Abel hasn't been out that many places. But he's been to Sugar Hollow Park, Steele Creek Park, Academy to see his dads old co-workers, Bass Pro for dads current co-workers, an attempted Target trip that failed miserably, O'Charlies, and Cracker Barrel. We spent our days at home right now with big sister, Adeline, either sleeping or eating and taking Adeline outside to play. We hope to head towards where the rest of our family is soon so that the extended family gets to meet Abel in person as well. That is one of the downfalls of living a bit over 2 hours away, but since it's still FLU season - it may be a good thing as well since his visitors have been limited.

Adeline is in love with her baby brother, Abel. She constantly wants to know what he is doing and loves to give him hugs and kisses. She has been a great help and is handling being a big sister great. She has had a bit of an attitude and acting up to get more attention, but that was to be expected. This weekend she's at my parents getting a break from having to share the spotlight, hopefully the break does her good. She loves visiting her grandparents (both sides), that will be her escape from her little brother for awhile until he gets big enough to go as well.

Alan and I are excited to see Abel grow up and see what personality he is going to have. Adeline is such a mix of the two of us, it's interesting to see what she gets from both of us.

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