Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Farm Time Sunday

Ok OK. I know I probably post about going to the farm way too much, but my daughter absolutely loves it! She can only go a few days without asking to go visit her Thunder, so when she does get to go it's a big event since it is two hours away now. My parents live in Giles County and I would have loved to raise my family there, but life had other plans. Sunday we decided to go visit for the day so Alan could pick up a couple things at my parents house. Adeline had to go see her Thunder, and the other horses of course.

Adeline had to take some apples, so Maw-Maw cut them up for her.

Paw-Paw wanted to check his wildlife camera so we drove all the way to the top of the farm - Noah's Flat as they call it. Adeline loved it, she got to go on a hay ride in the back of the truck. Look at those mountains!

My two favorite people! Alan for once got to visit the farm with us!

The wildlife camera was set up in front of the apple tree so Paw-Paw picked apples for us to eat!

We got to take this awesome family picture, just wish there wasn't an apple in Adeline's face!

Father & Daughter, oh so sweet!

Next Adeline had to see her horses! Rusty is such a character...

Adeline's favorite horse, THUNDER! We are slowly building trust with Thunder, he will almost let us walk up to him - but mostly just trots away unless of course we have apples!

And to sign off this post - a selfie with Cash!

Have a great day!

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