Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Obsession!

So after reading all the blogs I follow and seeing everyone rave about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I decided I had to have it! I have several items I want to use ASCP on.

Here's my list of upcoming plans:

  • Bedside tables - they are mismatched. Alan's is a hand-me-down that is ugly green and mine is a store bought cheapo. So they will at least be the same color, with possibly some same color accents.
  • DVD Tower from Michaels - one of those bare wood ones you finish yourself. I stained it, but the color doesn't match the rest of our furnishings.
  • Two Dressers - one I used before Alan built me one for Christmas in 2010. The other was Alan's and since my dresser is so big I just combined all of our clothes to free up some space in our bedroom. 
  • Rocking Chair from Alan's grandmother. Have to ask the mother in law about this one first - want to make sure it's not "special" first as is. So Reba, can I? 
So my first projects will be mostly for my house and to keep. The dressers I will sell once I paint them since we have no use for them (Adeline has a handmade dresser too!). I'm hoping that this will be a hobby I'll enjoy and can make a little bit of money from.

If you are local (Roanoke, VA) I got my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Black Dog Salvage. They even mentioned they are looking into doing some classes soon! If you aren't local you can check for retailers near you through Annie Sloan Chalk Paint website.

Have any of you used ASCP? What were your results, post a link to your blog and your results in the comments if you wish!

I've spent a little bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas:

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