Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gained 10 lbs just baking these!

Earlier this week I came across this picture:

From The Plucky Housewives
It took some Google searching to find the original location of the picture and the recipe! So hoping this is the original location. However this is the page and recipe I used to make these tonight. Adeline decided she wanted to help.

Here are most of the ingredients I used, not a terribly expensive dessert but it did cost me around $6.50 for the brownie mix, Reese cups, and cookie dough. And of course a special trip to the grocery store to get the goods!

First I mixed up the brownie mix.

Then I put the cookie dough in the bottom of the muffin tins. There was some cookie dough leftover, so I put it in a separate cupcake tin and mixed with left over brownie mix.

Next I opened up all the Reese's Cups and placed them on top of the cookie dough then added brownie mix  to 3/4 full.

And now we bake and wait for them to finish!

I baked about 16 min., and I really think another minute or two would have been better.

Here is the finished product!

It was awesome! (Well the one I could eat)

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