Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Adeline

Ok Ok I know this post is quite a bit late but I have a ton of excuses! But today I'm home sick sitting on the couch so I can get caught up a bit with my blog posts.

Since we moved to Bristol, Adeline hadn't made many friends to invite to a party so we decided to have a party at my parents house and invite mostly family. Adeline got to spend her special day with all her favorite people.

If you can't tell by now, Adeline is horse crazy. But she is also Lego Friends crazy. So we did a combination party. I had a great time  making some of her decorations myself.

We celebrated at home on her actual birthday with a couple gifts. She loved it.

Daddy got Adeline her own Fishing Pole! Adeline loves it and plays with it all the time. She can't wait to go fishing with her daddy as soon as it warms up.

That weekend we went to Newport and had a great birthday party with family.

Mom and I made Adeline this awesome horse cake. I found the mold at Hobby Lobby and it was my first try at this type of icing. If you need any tips let me know! I sure learned a lot icing this big boy late the night before!

Thankful to everyone who came and celebrated the day with Adeline! I didn't get a bunch of pictures as I was busy enjoying the day.

Party Decorations by Crafty Weeks
Lego Friends hair bow and necklace by Boyd's Bow Creations 

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  1. How Wonderful! Happy 3rd Birthday. Great job on the cake! love love!