Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday/Monday

On Sunday we decided to take Adeline to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN and to explore Downtown Gatlinburg. It took her a little bit but she warmed up and loved it. We watched both dive shows and she was entranced watching the divers. We tried to take a picture with the diver but didn't have flash on. Oh well! We went through the aquarium twice

After the Aquarium we walked around downtown for a little while and of course it didn't start raining until after we left the Aquarium. So we huddled under an overhang with everyone else while Adeline played with her tablet.

While Alan and I were taking Selfies!

Adeline was so full of energy! We decided to take her for a walk outside to run off some of her energy. She and Alan had a lot of fun running around.

Monday morning we headed out to breakfast before Adeline and I got on the road back to Roanoke. We ended up just down the road from Bass Pro Shops at Flapjacks.

Adeline LOVES "ca-cakes"!

We had a great time visiting Tennessee, but hated leaving Alan behind.

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