Friday, November 14, 2014

Bristol House Tour - Adeline's Room

I've shared Adeline's room before, but now it is DONE (other than window shades)! If you can't tell from my previous posts, Adeline is in love with horses. So when we moved to Bristol I decided to move her up to a Twin bed and get horse bedding. Then I picked her up some horse decor - I am so happy we are near Hobby Lobby (Kingsport).

View from the door of her room
The area above her bed is pretty blank, but I plan on getting some pictures of all the horses printed on unframed canvas' (so if they fall they won't hurt her) and hung above her bed.

She sleeps in Alan's old bed that still has a few of his stickers on it, she loves to look at them.
Adeline has a huge closet that I am envious of! I have a teeny tiny closet in the Master Bedroom, the sacrifice I made for a 2nd full bathroom!

The pink sign doesn't really go with the Horse theme, but Adeline picked it out herself. We found these super cute horseshoe hangers at Hobby Lobby - $2.50/each on sale. They are heavy metal too.

Signs says - "Princess of Everything"
Our little girl is growing up so fast, we are so proud of her. Everyday she amazes us with her personality and knowledge.

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