Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Personalized cups for Tots and Mom

I had a little bit of time during Adeline's nap on Sunday to do some crafting! I did nothing but craft during her 2 hour nap and it was great! I made a few things for Adeline and a couple for some of her friends.

Adeline is only 21 months but she does eat sandwiches sometimes but usually we'll just put snacks in this container. The other are for her friends Grayson & Eliza.

I found a 4 pack of these cups at Target and decided to make them more fun! They already have same color dots all over so I just used different color and size dots to make it more fun. Adeline already knows Minnie Mouse so I know she'll love that cup!

I found this cup at Walmart and loved the Zebra print.I only wish I'd had hot pink vinyl to use instead of the pale pink!

If you are interested in any sort of vinyl project let me know. I love doing custom orders!

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