Saturday, August 19, 2017


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Friday, May 27, 2016

Abel is Three Months Old

Actually typing up this blog post ON his 3 month birthday, however I didn't get picture taken today as we (me actually) had to get out of the house! Abel is going through a growth spurt and teething at the same time, so my week has mostly been spent holding him.

Abel is growing up so fast. Its so funny seeing people's expressions when I tell them he is 3 months old. His 3-6 month sleepers are getting a bit short, so tonight we put him in a 6-9 month sleeper and it definitely is not too big for him. He still fits in 3-6 month body suits/rompers though, but not much longer I'm betting.

Just a couple days ago we got our first little laugh out of him. I can't wait till he starts laughing more often, it is so sweet!

Abel has a pretty big/heavy head so he hasn't rolled over quite yet. But the other day I walked away from him while playing on his playmat and just from watching me walk away he almost turned over!

This child has too much play equipment! We have a bouncer (2 actually), a low swing, floor play mat, and a bumbo. He uses all of them at least once a day. Abel gets bored quite easily and some days he hates the swing, some days he loves it. It's an adventure trying to figure out what he wants to do other than be held all day!!

Adeline is being a great big sister. She is such a big helper around the house, especially when daddy is gone. She entertains herself very well, which is great since Abel has been such a fuss butt!'

This boy goes from serious face to all smiles so quickly, its hard to get a good picture of his smiles.

Lately in order to get ANYTHING done I've had to wear Abel. Here he is "helping" me in my craft room.

Well we are heading into a big growth spurt/leap - pray for us!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Family Pictures on Mothers Day

On Mothers Day we went and visited my husbands parents for the day and went to a little park near their house for Adeline to play a bit and take a few family pictures.

First time I've been to the park, but Adeline goes with her Nana whenever she goes up to visit her.

Here are Alan's parents with both grandchildren. Adeline is so hard to get to look at the camera!

Nana and her Grandson

Alan and I at the park. Ignore my gray hair, I need to get it colored! 

These two fill my days now and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Our family!

After the park we headed up their house for Mothers Day dinner and spend some time together. Abel was all smiles for PaPaw Mike.

We spent some time relaxing on their screened in porch.

Me and my girl!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Abel is Two Months Old

I'm a bit late posting his 2 month pictures. Why? Well...Abel is quite a bit different baby than Adeline was. He is a lot more demanding and loves his mommy snuggles a bit much. So I haven't had much time to just sit down at the computer and put together posts! Sleep is way too important to stay up late all the time!

Abel is growing so fast and so big! At his 2 month check up he weighed 13 lbs. and 8 oz. and was 24" long. He is in the 90th Percentile! That is a huge difference from Adeline who was in the 10th or less percentile. It's crazy how different they are, I wish I knew why there was such a huge difference between the two. I did take medications to help me get pregnant this time and medication during pregnancy that was needed due to PCOS, so I wonder if that is why he was bigger. Who knows, I'll probably never find out.

During his first month blog post I mentioned how he hated getting his diaper changed, now it is where he most happy! He loves to look at the light on the ceiling and feathers hanging above the table.

Adeline is still doing great with Abel and loves helping out. She does act up a little to try to get attention now, but I know it will get better. Abel requires a lot of attention and isn't so easily put down like Adeline was. So I can understand why she's acting differently now that he is here.

Alan and I are doing a great job sharing in taking care of Abel. It's great that I can count on him when he's home to help out so I can do some of the stuff that is impossible to do with 2 kids all day when he is working.

We are enjoying watching Abel grow up and excited to see who he will grow to be.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Crafting


Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Sara, and my mother in law, Reba! By now they've both seen their Mother's Day gifts so I can now share them with all of you. I knew they didn't need another trinket laying around the house so I figured they would love nothing more than a picture of their grandchildren. I didn't want to just print a picture and stick it in a frame, I wanted to create something unique that they can keep for years.

It's been all the rage to do photo transfer to wood, so I decided to give it a try. I looked for a tutorial that would be easy to follow and quick, I followed the tutorial by Southern Revivals from oh, 3 years ago! So yeah I'm way behind since this has been a thing for at least 3 years!

My first stop for this project was of course Michaels, mostly because its the only craft store in town. When we first moved here in 2014 there wasn't any craft store within 30 minutes! So I'll settle for what I've got and drive 30 min to Hobby Lobby for the bigger projects! So, at Michaels I knew I wanted to do more of the pallet style wood board, they have several different sizes but the one I chose was 10"x10" then based on the tutorial I knew I needed Mod Podge - Photo Transfer Medium for the photo to be able to transfer to the wood. I decided I wanted to decorate the wood a bit as well with some flowers so it wouldn't be so plan, I chose some Recollections Paper Flowers that went with the picture and board.

The only downside to doing a photo transfer is that you have to print the picture using a LaserJet Printer and remember to mirror image your picture (as you can see I did not forgetting he had words on his shirt, oops!). So I had to send my picture by PDF to Office Depot, which doesn't cost much but isn't very convenient!

Now that you have the materials needed follow the tutorial by Southern Revivals! It worked great for me. I wish I'd rubbed a little bit more paper off in a couple areas but I was worried about damaging the image, and I think it still looks great. I chose to sand the edges a bit, which is a good thing because some of the picture came off anyway on the edges! I then sealed it with Mod Podge Matte Finish, but be careful when you do it so the Mod Podge doesn't show on the wood like mine did (see you can learn from my mistakes!).

I also have a Silhouette Cameo, so I decided to put a quote on the bottom of the boards unique to each grandmother. For my Mother In Law I put "They call me Nana" and for my mom I put "They call me MaMaw". Then on the back of each sign I put the kids names and the year.

So after all that reading here is the finished product!

I love the added flowers! I had mommy brain earlier this week and totally forgot about the flowers so my mom got hers in the mail without the flowers, so if she decides she likes the look with the flowers I can add hers later! I just added them using E6000, I'm sure a hot glue gun works as well but I had it handy and it dries quick!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Family Comparison

Whenever a couple has a baby everyone says "Oh he looks just like his dad" or "She looks like her mom". So I sat down and decided to compare baby pictures for our little family. It is surprising how little we all look alike. Some families the similarity is striking - but for us I don't see it! Let me know if you do. You can click on any collage of pictures to view them larger.

Here are a series of comparisons (ages are unknown for mine and Alan's pictures):

First is Adeline's baby picture compared to Alan and I:

Then comparing Abel to the same pictures of us:

So what do you all think? Who do Adeline and Abel look more like as babies? I think they both have my baby cheeks!

This past week Abel turned a month old! So here is a comparison picture of Abel and Adeline at a month old. It is crazy how big of a difference there is between the two! Adeline was still wearing Newborn (and it was big on her!), Abel is wearing 0-3.

I went ahead and looked forward to Adeline's 2nd Month picture and it is a better picture to look at to compare how close they look alike since Adeline didn't start filling out until then.

Then for the comparison that I promised on Facebook a couple days ago that got this blog post in motion. Alan and Abel both wearing the same outfit. The funny part is that Alan is 3 months old when this picture was taken, and Abel was only 1 month old!